Ali Saleem (Begum Nawazish Ali)
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Ali Saleem Ali was born on 1979 in Islamabad, Pakistan, known for his alter-ego Begum Nawazish Ali is a Pakistani television host, actor, writer and impressionist. Begum broke into mainstream audiences through his imitations of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, and later cross-dressing and playing Begum Nawazish Ali in different television channels, including “Aaj TV”, “Dawn News” and “Geo TV”. Although at present, his alter ego Begum Nawazish Ali has become the main character because it rarely appears as the man Ali Saleem. At 31 years old bisexual man is born to a retired Army Colonel of Pakistan and his wife a former government official.

Born biologically male, but asked about his sexuality, Ali sometimes called himself gay, bisexual or other occasions, including a transsexual

Early Life

Ali had everything he wants. From very young, he wanted and fantasized about being a woman.


It was in his teens he has to do a work for Yasmeen Ismail in the Arts Council dressed in a burka which provides the audience with his monologue that people saw his lady inside out. They herd and ask in disbelief of how a child can pretend to be a woman older than his age. Ali now says that because its audience was older than his age then, he felt that matured earlier

His breakthrough in the entertainment industry came when he began to imitate his childhood heroine, former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, the way he spoke with the dress. So loved were his performances that, during dholki of Zohaib Hassan, Bhutto was asked to Ali impersonate her. Nazia, Zohaib Ali's sister had warned not to say that the Prime Minister had a bad sense of humor. But finally, when asked even the Prime Minister exploded in laughter.

His father and mother soon file for divorce, in which Ali had to come to the city of Karachi. Ali agreed with Imran Aslam, a writer of political satire that talk of a television channel in the pipeline, which would later be called Geo TV.


Ali's Benazir impressions were famous among his friends and Imran told him to take it to the airways with the television channel once it got aired.. A show dealing with political humor at the time of elections in the country “Hum Sub Umeed Se Hain” (idiomatically translated as We Are All Expecting (Pregnant), but meant to translate as We Are All Hopeful) showed people impersonating the candidates for election. Ali would do his act Benazir here for the first time in the tube.

After a while the act, Ali realized that the act itself would not shape his career and he had to do more with his talent. It was from this same act that Ali won the BB or female nickname meaning in urdu bibi. Omar Adil, an orthopedic surgeon by profession, the doctor Mrs Noor Jehan was very fond of him. With an extensive investigation into the Pakistani film to his credit and links to various television channels, the doctor suggested Ali to the idea of having a character drawn as a host of a talk show. Therefore, Begum Nawazish born. He or She does not know.

Late Night with Begum Nawazish Ali

Ali cross dresses as a woman wearing a sari and influential customer asks provocative questions in his program “Late Night with Begum Nawazish Ali”. Be invited to two people at a time to be interviewed. Begum Nawazish Ali's name was suggested by Dr. Adil talking about his neighbor with the same name, the wife of a Colonel Ali could relate strongly to this character as an alter ego. The fact that you created Begum lived a rich life that lives off the money from her late husband and was a socialite, bore resemblance to the life Ali himself had lived in his earlier days. The rights of the show were sold to “Aaj TV” where the show airs every Saturday night.

Bigg Boss 4

Ali participated in the reality show “Bigg Boss 4” in India. During the first week, Ali became the captain of the house after the former captain was disqualified. In an episode that was predicted by astrologer Daruwala, Ali could be among the finalists to win the title four Bigg Boss, but was ejected in the third week. An Indian group Shiv Sena protested the inclusion of Pakistani agents in the show


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