Board Of Intermediate & Secondary Education Bahawalpur (bisebwp)
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In 1977, the Govt. of the Punjab separated the Bahawalpur Division from the Multan and approved the sanction of B.I.S.E Bahawalpur as a separate independent Educational Board.

On 9th July 1977, a camp office of Bahawalpur Board was established in Multan and the willingness of the staff of Multan Board for Bahawalpur Board was called for.

On 3rd February 1978, the Bahawalpur Board started functioning in Bahawalpur in a hired building and at the middle of 1978, on the completion of staff, the first examination of Supplementary 1978 was held.

In early 1979, the office of Bahawalpur Board was shifted to a building of Daulat Khana afterwards; the Revenue Board allotted about 23 Acre plot of land (wherein the present campus exists) to Bahawalpur Board. The Board, according to its financial means built the boundary wall and a limited office building, and the Board was shifted to this campus in 1985.


With the increasing number of candidates and requirements, it was decided to build a new building for the Board in 1989. The construction of the new building was started in September 1991 and it was completed in 18 months with the cost of about 2.5 corer rupees. The office of Board was shifted to the newly constructed building in March 1993 and the old Building was specified for Sports Hostel Warehouse and Secrecy Offices. Now it has been decided that this old building will be specified for Examination center.

Board Campus:

Thanks to God that the new Campus is not only spacious enough for different branches of the Board but it also includes a magnificent Auditorium, a grand Mosque and separate buildings for Bank and post office. Moreover, there are 36 fully furnished residential quarters for staff members of the Board.



Address and Telephone Numbers:

Postal Address

Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, Cheema Town, Bahawalpur.


Off: 062-9255080 Dir: 062-9255081 Fax: 062-9255082


Off: 062-9255084

Controller Examination

Off: 062-9255086

Incharge Computer Section

Off: 062-9255089

Audit Officer

Off: 062-9255088

Director Physical Education

Off: 062-9255090

Assistant Controller (Inter)

Off: 062- 9255091

Assistant Controller (Conduct)

Off: 062- 9255092

Assistant. Controller (Secrecy)

Off: 062- 9255093

Deputy Secretary (Finance)

Off: 062- 9255095

Assistant Controller (Matric)

Off: 062-9255255

Assistant Secretary (Academic)


Off: 062-2883790

Deputy Secretary (Store)

Off: 062-9255094

One Window Operation Cell

Off: 062-9255497


Registration & Admission System Institute Login For Regular Students

Registration & Admission System For Private Students (Intermediate)

Registration & Admission System For Private Students (Matric)

Helps & Guides for Online system

Important Instructions:

  1. Institutes do not make batch of records entered until you have carefully readout all the forms entered into the online system. Otherwise we can't do any correction for such wrong records and you will have to pay fees for such wrong entered records according to board rules.
  2. Please use standard A4 Size Paper for Registration/Admission Form printing other size papers will be rejected.
  3. Do not use "&" when entering online data in address field. Use complete "and" otherwise forms will not be printed.
  4. Affix candidate's recent color 1.5 x 1.5 size photographs with blue background on the form with good quality glue. The use of Pins / staple is strictly prohibited.
  5. Do not Fold the Forms otherwise will be rejected, and use large size envelope for postal mail/courier.

In Case of any Problem in Online System please contact on following numbers

0322-6875133, 062-9255497

0301-7740771, 062-2883790

062-2883790 Registration Branch

Email on the following email address


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