Car Resale Value

Resale value should be atop consideration for anyone who wants to buy a new car with some regularity (for instance after each five years). There are a number of decisions a consumer needs to make to increase its resale value that begins when you buy the right car in the first place.

DEPRECIATION: Depreciation is the major equity killer in vehicle ownership so choose one with a solid history of lower rates of depreciation. Historically some brands and models simply hold their value better than others. Consumers can spot cars with higher resale value because carmakers brag about the ones with good depreciation records.

GEOGRAPHIC: Body styles tend to be geographic. Demand for a particular car varies in different parts of the world. You should think about the popularity of certain vehicles in your area when buying new if you are going to later sell it locally. If you are going to sell a four-wheel drive it will have more value in the cold mountainous areas.


COLOR: A trendy hot fun shade may lure you but better stick to standard and steer clear of fad colors.

UPGRADE: Certain equipment options will add to the car’s resale value while some pricey options won’t. Spending on an upgraded stereo will mean a lot to you, but four or five years from now it won’t bring you any extra money when you sell or trade in. another example of an expensive option that doesn’t contribute to a car’s resale value is a navigation system. Sunroofs, CD changers and leather seats have historically added value to a car.



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