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Twelve Facebook Friends You Wish You Could Un-Friend

Facebook is addictive, period. Butt it’s not so much fun if you have any of these characters on your list:

The Narcissist

They update their profile as often as the Pakistani government goofs up. Roughly translated – every minute of the day.

The Liker

You could post the most boring video, say the most ordinary thing, leave the most uninteresting comment and they will come out of nowhere and “like it” almost two seconds after you have posted it.

Sarah’s dog died :(

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Bad Picture Taggers

This predator waits at social events for the moment when you yawn, eat, scratch, or look just plain awkward, and immediately captures and posts that ridiculously unflattering picture of you and tags it.

Your Parents

It’s bad enough that they’re part of the social networking revolution, but when they ask embarrassing questions or leave comments on your profile, it can makes you wish you hadn’t taught them how to hold the mouse.

Virtual Gifter

For God’s sake, buy me a real gift and not a virtual shoe, drink, or lollipop, you cheapskate!


The Boss

With them on your list, you can’t even post about the amazing time you had on your supposed sick leave.

Farmville Freak

I do not want your cows or goats. I do not like farming in my spare time and I will never accept your Farmville request.

Mr Quiz-it-all

He/she gets the answers to all their innermost feelings and dilemmas via Facebook quizzes.

Am I Crazy?

Yes, you are 87 per cent crazy


Mr Care-a lot

We get it, you care about every cause or campaign under the sun. But you don’t have to tell us about it! Better yet, do something about it, instead of complaining and creating online groups.

The Spammer

“Dude, this is how I made 10,000 dollars working from home”. Right! That’s why you keep borrowing money from all of us.

The Poker

How is it fun, cute or flirty to poke someone? In the normal world, this would classify as harassment!

Facebook Chatter

You’ll find this creep on Facebook chat at the most ungodly hours and as soon as you login, the freak shows up in a creepy window with a “Hi!”

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