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When it comes to cosmetics, there are few things more fun than eye make-up. There are so many rich, bold colors of shadows, mascara and eyeliners that choosing your colors is a fun process that can leave you looking beautiful.

Eyeliner is one of the most important cosmetics, giving a dramatic look without much time or effort. Eyeliner makes your eyes pop out by defining them and accentuating their shape. Whether you choose a soft line or a dramatic stoke, you can embellish the windows to your soul by spending just few minutes in front of a mirror with an eyeliner pencil.

Choosing the right eyeliner, though, is not always an easy task. You do not have to consider only matching or complementing the color of your eyes, your hair color and skin tone should be taken into consideration as well it can sometimes be a little difficult to find eyeliner that matches your eyes, hair and skin all at once, but it can be done!

Selecting the right eyeliner used to be easy: after all, not so long ago choices were pretty much limited to brown and black. In the 80s and 90s, the selection began to expand fairly rapidly, with the bright greens and electric blues of the 1980s and the more subtle grays and olive tones of the 1990s finally there was some choice (even if some look back on those 1980s colors with more horror than fondness).


Whenever there is that much of a choice to be made, it can be difficult to sort through the vast selection. Making the right decision is very important. You want to look your best! When you have to choose between black, dark brown, light brown, taupe, blues, greens, grey, peach, yellow and even white, it is definitely much more complicated than it used to be to choose the right eyeliner.

Due to innovations it is now possible to choose an eyeliner color that matches, complements and enhances your natural skin tone, no matter what tone that might be. The eyeliners of the new millennium are richly colored, from soft and subtle to knock-, em-dead shock the world.

Don’t forget to take into account what’s appropriate for the time of day and the purpose of your make-up. The blackest of blacks is not entirely suitable for day-wear at work, but it is perfect for the sexy smoky-eyed look you want for the glamour of a night on the town.

Dark skin, hair and eyes: This may be the perfect look for rich black eyeliner, with the strong coloring to pull it off and make it look fantastic. Depending on the tone of your skin, deep purple, plum, or olive eyeliner could work too.


Light or pale skin, with dark hair and eyes: Black eyeliner can work for this look too, but for day-time or work wear, dark brown is usually more appropriate and looks great too. For after-hours glamour, try rich shades of plum or midnight blue to enhance your eye color, or choose basic black for that sexy smoky eye.

Pale skin, red hair: A redhead who has darker coloring may be able to wear black eyeliner, but often this is simply too harsh, even at night. Browns can work well, particularly rich red-brown for a redhead with darker skin tones. If your skin tends towards the paler end of the spectrum, smoky gray eyeliner is often a great color to complement your hair and skin tones.

Pale skin, blonde or light brown hair: if your coloring tends towards the very light end of the spectrum, even brown eyeliner can often appear too harsh and black is usually a definite no-no, even at night. Choose grays and very light browns for a soft and subtle look. For something dramatically different use soft white pencil that instantly awakens tired eyes and freshens up your look.

Brighten up your eyes and create a fresh look with eyeliner that’s a shade or two lighter than your natural skin tone. This creates a subtle but very effective look that can brighten up your entire look and it’s great for those days where you don’t want lack of sleep to show up on your face! Black, coffee, ash, gilded and plum, is perfect for the task.

Create a deeply dramatic look in any color with Liquid Eyeliners available in rich shades of coffee, black, ash and plum; virtually every skin tone is covered.

Waterproof eyeliner, available in all the same gorgeous shades, is perfect for those times where you don’t want moisture ruining your look. This no-smudge eyeliner is applied with a pen that makes it easy to achieve a sleek and sophisticated look that won’t disappear in the rain.

Choose a very thin makeup brush with a long handle so that you can hold the brush in place on your cheek if you have to while applying the liner. Cut the bristles at an angle if they don’t come that way. This cut is especially helpful if you have trouble drawing a straight line on your lids.

Start at the center of your eye and sweep outwards. For beneath the eye, reverse the stroke, moving brush form the outer eye to the inner. You should have the largest part of the angle on the beginning of the stroke.

Know your budget and choose a liquid eyeliner brush to fit that. While the more expensive brushes will last longer for the most part, a more inexpensive brush can be used to the same ends. Keep it clean and let it air dry to prolong the life of the brush.

Better purchase liquid eyeliner that comes with a brush. It will be tailored to the kind of makeup that it is paired with. Trim the brush if it is too big for you to use.

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