Lip Enhancers

Lip Enhancers That Work Without Surgery or Injections

The cosmetics market is flooded with products that promise to enhance lip volume; this promise is often true, as long as consumer expectations remain reasonable.

Dermatologists and plastic surgeons inject fillers such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, or even the patient's own fat into the lips in order to improve their size and shape. Some people have synthetic materials like Gore-Tex implanted into their mouths, with varying degrees of success.
For those who want less expensive options with little or no risk of side effects, slews of cosmetic products are available. They work either by saturating the lips with moisture, filling in lines with wax or wax-like substances, swelling the mouth with irritants, or by repositioning facial muscles and theoretically causing the production of more collagen and oral tissues.

Lip Moisturizers and Primers

Moisturizing the lips creates the illusion of fullness, especially when a balm or gloss contains small, shiny particles like mica. These particles reflect light; and as all makeup artists and photographers know, light makes an area seem more prominent, while shadows have the opposite effect. This is why a dark lipstick makes the mouth appear smaller.


In order to allow the moisturizer to work best, the lips should be gently buffed a few times a week. Alpha and beta-hydroxy acids are too strong for the delicate mouth area, but a mild scrub or a baby's soft toothbrush will do the trick. Benefit Lipscription conveniently provides both buffing cream and a thick, rich balm packaged together.

Primers fill in lines around and on the lips. They are heavy in texture, containing silicones and/or waxes to smooth over grooves and lines. Sometimes primers have a tendency to "pill up" under moisturizing lipsticks or melt away under lip gloss. They also often alter the color and consistency of a lipstick, resulting in a shade or feel the user did not desire. MAC, Smashbox, and Benefit all make decent primers; just be aware of the possible drawbacks before use.

Film Formers Temporarily Smooth Lips
Many lip plumpers contain very large molecules such as polyacrylates and polyesters. These form a virtually invisible, flexible film over the lips; which does smooth the skin, but does not increase the size of the lips. The Lip Fusion and Dr. Denese New York lines contain film formers. If layered on too thickly, they have a tendency to peel; so don't slather them on.


Irritating the Mouth to Enhance Lip Size

The products that product the most appreciable increase in lip volume contain irritants, which swell up the mouth for a while and draw blood into the lips, producing a rosy flush. For the effect to continue, such products must be reapplied. Various lines use different substances: nicotinic acid, capsicum (pepper extract), cinnamon oil, menthol, eugenol, and citric derivatives such as lemon and lime.
Most of these products also include substances like hyaluronic acid, and claim that these enter the lips via a special delivery system, thereby inflating them. The only way to get fillers into the lips is to inject them with a needle. Nonetheless, the irritants in these products do produce the desired effect; just don't expect them to give you Angelina Jolie's type of mouth. Do expect them to sting quite a bit, especially when first applied.
Duwop Lip Venom, Patricia Wexler, M.D., Too Faced, LipFusion, and Freeze 24/7 all sell lip plumpers with effective concentrations of irritants.

Use a Product with a Combination of Ingredients for the Best Results
The best products combine irritants, mica, film formers, and moisturizers in one, covering all the bases. Soap & Glory Cosmetics does this in its playfully named Sexy Motherpucker, which is available in both clear and tinted versions. The best part is that it is one of Blisslabs "downscale" products at Target, and only costs about ten dollars.

The New Angel Lift Option: AngelLift Devices May Provide More Permanent Results With No Irritation
AngelLift is best known for its over-the-counter wrinkle-correcting Dermastrips and other oral devices that fit along the gumline (the fitted devices are only available through a dentist and are quite costly). These lifts reposition facial muscles, at least temporarily, and improve the appearance of lines around the mouth, including the naso-labial folds or parentheses-shaped "smile lines."
Now AngelLift also makes lip enhancement devices, which supposedly increase collagen production and promote the growth of cells in the oral area. The manufacturer contends that the devices increase lip size by a maximum of 42% in three weeks. They cost $59 per pair; but are made of surgical-grade silicone and should last a long time.
These devices are very new on the market, and few reviews are currently available. If they actually work, they may be a better bet than constantly reapplying irritants, which might be too harsh for sensitive skin. However, they must be worn for at least 20 minutes a day, during which time the user cannot eat, drink, or speak clearly.
If they work as well as the company's Dermastrips, expect noticeable results with continued daily use; and a certain amount of mild, temporary soreness after they are removed.

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