Mehar Bukhari
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Mehar Bukhari is a journalist/TV anchor from Lahore, Pakistan. Previously she hosted a famous talk show "News Beat" on Samaa News. Recently she has joined "Dunya News" and anchor's a new program "Cross Fire". She is considered to be very bold and surprisingly straightforward in her approach towards her guests.

Meher Bukhari, the host of “Nai Rahein” at “Samaa Tv” is a new talent having immense resemblance to all time hit Indian Film actress “Madhuri”.

She is getting very popular in the youngsters these days due to his vocal quality.
His Interview with Imran khan and especially his intro for Imran khan was fantastic, it says “There are only three ways to get famous in Pakistan, either you are a

politician or you are a philanthropist or you are a cricketer but Imran khan is combination of all three”.
No Doubt, Meher Bukhari is a rising talent and is a new star in Pakistani electronic media.
Meher Bukhari is touching every heart and one just goes to remember “Madhuri”on seeing her for the first time.

Meher Bukhari is Brave and sharp. She Knows every thing about Pakistani Politics and Know how to get to the Point.


There is also a Scandal of Meher Bukhari about her Party Pics with foreigners but those pictures are nothing. She is Still Strong and Doing Good for Pakistani Media.



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