Most popular apps of 2010

Astro File Manager
latform: Android

Astro File Manager is a utility app that provides basic file management features. It is a file explorer, archive manager, backup utility and task manager all rolled into one. You can browse through files residing on your device and SD card and view them either as a list or as icons.

File management features include editing file names, copying, moving, pasting, deleting files, and managing zip archives.

With Astro File Manager, it is also possible to search for files and save folder locations as bookmarks for later use. The process manager provided with this app allows users to check the memory allocated to each application, and gives them the ability to terminate running apps if needed. The Astro File Manager is available for free; however, the ad-free, pro version is available for four dollars


Barcode Scanner
Platform: Android

This app lets you scan barcodes (of products) in one dimensional formats – like Universal Product Code (UPC) and two dimensional formats like Quick Response (QR) code and helps in identifying them using Google search engine. With a high usability factor, this app is quite handy for tech savvy people who wish to look up the price, reviews and other information on products like CDs, books, etcetera before purchase. The app also allows you to search for a book simply by entering some of the sentences in it – provided it is available on Google Books. Not only that, Barcode Scanner also has the ability to provide additional information like URLs, contact information, calendar events, etcetera, contained with the QR code.

Platform: iOS, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile, Nokia S60

As an essential for all the audiophiles out there, Shazam is loaded with features that any music enthusiast would want. Lovin’ that tune, but can’t recall the name of the song? All you have to do is capture a snippet of that tune through Shazam.

Once that is done, this wonderful app identifies the song and lets you share it with your contacts. You can also read music reviews, browse through the artist’s biography, and view the song’s lyrics. Its database also allows you to search for music by artist, track or album. For all the social media junkies, this app also allows integration with Facebook and lets you post whatever song you are currently listening to. Even though this app has been around for more than seven years, it is still going strong.

Platform: Data

Preserving battery life is something that Smartphone users often have to struggle with. The BatteryLife app provides detail regarding battery consumption and calculates the remaining battery power, based on factors such as Wi-Fi consumption, call time, listening to music, and use of 3G, among others. Apart from the percentage of the remaining battery left, it also details the time left for each application, giving the user a fair idea of which applications should be closed due to the decreasing battery life. Mostly compatible with high end Samsung smartphones, this app is definitely worth downloading.

The Weather Channel
Platform: iOS

“No frills and plenty of usability” is what describes this app the best. The Weather Channel has a simple interface that informs you not only about the current weather status, but also gives you hourly, 36-hourly, and even 10-days forecasts in a jiffy. Even better, you can set notifications for severe weather conditions. It uses Google Mobile Maps for faster zooming and panning, and automatically looks up your current location upon launch. For the Facebook addicts, it also provides integration with the user’s Facebook account.

Platform: iOS, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Android, Nokia S60

Even though this is not a new app, the popularity of Nimbuzz continued through 2010. Nimbuzz is primarily a social media service which let you connect to all your contacts in an extremely user-friendly way. The “live” contact list gives you a quick glance at the chat status, social media applications’ activities and statuses, avatar pictures, and other interesting tid bits on your contact list – not to mention that it allows you to make low cost calls as well! Social media networks supported by Nimbuzz include Skype, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and others. A must have app for all the social media buffs.

Angry Birds Lite
Platform: Nokia S60, iOS

The free version of one of the most addictive game, Angry Birds, is for those with a quirky, slightly wacky, sense of humour. In this game, don’t expect any adorable, meek birds pleasantly chirping or playfully bickering for food. Rather, the birds in this game are ruthless and almost blood thirsty!

Fortunately, these birds are on your side, and are pitted against the green pigs who store their eggs. With an excellent gameplay, challenging physics based castle demolition, and a lot of replay value, Angry Birds is so good that you may just want to get the paid version.

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