Deepika Padukone
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29/01/11  The actress is a nervous wreck on Aarakshan set due to huge crowds

Deepika Padukone has started working with Prakash Jha on his next film Aarakshan. This being her first film with the director, Deepika was extremely nervous about the shoot.

To add to her woes, she was shooting in Bhopal at a college. After seeing the crowd of hundreds gathered at the college campus, she almost had a nervous break down.

A source reveals, "Bhopal is foreign territory for Deepika. She hasn't shot for a film in the city before. Also, working with Jha was a first-time experience for her.

His style of working is very different from the directors she's worked with in the past."

Deepika's shoot started with some solo scenes of her in the campus. When she got on the sets, she was clueless about what she would have to do.

The source adds, "DP reached the production area, which was in the backyard of the college. Not many students had come in. The crowd was just about trickling in.

In matter of couple of hours, the place was packed with students and everyone had gathered to see her shoot."

Since her character is that of a college girl she was required to shoot at various places in the campus. However, things got better when Saif joined the shoot in the second half of the day.

"Deepika was much more comfortable when Saif came on set. He made her feel relaxed and put her at ease. She was also surprised at what kind of a hold Jha had on the crowd.

Despite the fact that there were hundreds of students around, every time he would say action there would be pindrop silence on the set."

By the end of the day Deepika got comfortable with the college crowd and even interacted with the students, promising to return to their campus once their shoot ends.
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