Chechen first lady unveils Islamic fashion in Dubai
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09/04/12  Chechnya's first lady Medni Kadyrova has displayed her Islamic fashion collection in Dubai.

Chechnya s first lady, Medni Kadyrova, has displayed her Islamic fashion collection to a captivated audience in Dubai, faithful to the politics of her husband who has sought to impose Islamic dress codes in the Caucasus republic.

More than 20 veiled Chechen models paced the catwalk in a Dubai palace on Saturday evening, clad in silk and carefully embroidered muslin dresses that covered them from head to toe but also managed to outline their figures.

The show culminated in a display of wedding dresses.

Organised by the Firdaws (paradise in Arabic) fashion house, launched by Kadyrova three years ago, it was the first such show for the label outside Chechnya.

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