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All about Sagittarius
Sagittarius is a fire sign ruled by Jupiter. Sagittarians are trustful, cheerful, sincere, faithful, and enthusiastic. They believe in a positive future and in changes, they love traveling, taking walks in the open air, and animals. They seldom become sad by difficulties; they are deeply religious and extremely curious persons.

Sagittarians prefer sincere, faithful friends and lovers, who will give them the freedom they need so much. They can also be very good friends. Sagittarian women love taking care of their house, their garden, and their family.

Well suited jobs are: judge, scientist, astronaut, tourist guide, travel agent.

Seducing Sagittarian Men
Sagittarian men are committed, sporty and loyal. They are to be won with brilliant and cheerful conversations. They love eating well, staying in good company and smart (but not too sober) wear.

Tip: Invite him to a riding excursion!

Seducing Sagittarian Women
Sagittarian women are cheerful, optimistic, active, and full of whimsy. They have a peculiar ability in organizing, they are not easily affected by other people's judgement, and they love freedom. They like men who make them laugh and feel happy, but who don't annoy them with manly attitudes.

Tip: Don't make jealous scenes!

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