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All about Gemini
Gemini is an air sign ruled by Mercury. The main characters of this sign are its dualism and its contradictory nature. They are quiet, fascinating, clever and active, but sometimes they can be pessimistic and "amorphous". Their extreme versatility can be somehow negative. For example, they find it difficult to bind for a long time to other persons, things or activities.

They can be brilliant and fanciful lovers, but their freedom and independence are always in the foreground. Gemini are extremely impatient, they often change their interests and activities, and they are eager to know everything in a short time. Their capacity to adapt themselves to any situation makes them really fascinating. They like enigmatography, traveling, society life and staying in the open air.

Well suited jobs are: politician, manager, trader and lawyer.

Seducing Gemini Men
Gemini men are free and restless. Their ideal woman should understand them, share their many interests and, at the same time, never make him feel bridled. They are brilliant and never monotonous lovers. At your first dinner together you should eat unusual dishes, unusual like his nature!

Tip: If you want to strike his fancy, wear a girdle!!!

Seducing Gemini Women
Gemini women are brilliant, sporty, well-informed, dynamic and pleasant. If you are always able to propose something new to her, you are her ideal man. Since she is free and independent, marriage is usually not the main aim of her life.

Tip: Propose an exurcusion with your motorbike.

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