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All about Virgo
Virgo is an earth sign ruled by Mercury. Virgos are precise, careful, efficient, severe and rational. Usually they think money is very important and even though they like living without suffering, they hate waste. They love their home and furnish it in a sober way with good taste and a penchant for order. Because Virgos are basically insecure, they often need compliments, but they are also admired in their working life because of their brilliant intelligence.

Well suited jobs are: technical designer, teacher, editor, chemist, and analyst.

Virgos need to be loved and believe in friendship, even though it is hard for them to live long-lasting love relationships due to their introversive and shy nature.

Seducing Virgo Men
Virgoan men are serious, severe and like quiet, simple and clever women. You must win their love with sweetness, cunning and patience. Make him feel that you need him.

Tip: when you are with him, wear fashionable dark dresses.

Seducing Virgo Women
Virgoan women are smart, beautiful, rational and serious. To win her love you need time and patience, but it will be worthwhile. She likes clever conversations, true and faithful love.

Tip: On your first date take her to a classical concert.

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