Homemade Honey Yogurt Ice Cream
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29/01/11  Homemade honey yogurt ice cream is a delicious choice to cool down the extreme temperature effect. Having a combination of honey and yogurt, this ice cream is filled with numerous nutritious benefits and is also full of taste and delight!

Milk 1 litre

Yogurt 1-1/2 kg

Sugar 200 g

Honey 200 ml

Vanilla essence 2 tbsp

Corn flour 4 tbsp 2 COOKING DIRECTIONS . 1.Add milk in a pan, also add sugar in it..

2.Cook them till sugar dissolves and a boil comes. 3.Now dissolve corn flour in some water. 4.Add dissolved cornflour in milk. 5.Cook them till the mixture thickens. 6.Then take off the pot and let the milk cool down. 7.Put yogurt in muslin cloth piece. 8.Let the water drain away from the yogurt. 9.Add vanilla essence in yogurt and mix them. 10.Then add this yogurt mixture in milk. 11.Blend them all well. 12.Put the milk and yogurt mixture in freezer for 4 hours. 13.Take the mixture out and beat it well. 14.Then replace the mixture in freezer for 4-6 hours. 15.Now take it out and beat it well again. 16.Add honey in the mixture and beat them well. 17.Place the mixture in freezer for 6-8 hours.

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