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30/09/10  Lahore is the Capital city of Punjab Province of Pakistan. With the population of approximately 10 Million it is a very lively city. The main attraction of the city is its beautiful Architecture and bustling Bazaars. The tradition of buildings is centuries old in Lahore but the Moghuls (1500AD to 1800AD) have contributed the most to it. The Moghul buildings are probably the most attractive. On an average one can easily spend two full days of sightseeing here. There are numerous mosques monuments bazaars, evening Musical programs and a variety Lifestyle in the city. The Lahore Museum (although very poorly organized) is the largest in the country and houses articles from all over the country. The city of Lahore is located just 25 KMS away from the Indian border on the grand Trunk road. This makes it a transit point before going into India from Pakistan.

There is a train from Lahore to Arrester on Thursdays & Tuesdays, beside regular road transport. It is also well connected internationally by PIA and a few other local & foreign carriers. There are also regular flight from all major cities of Pakistan to Lahore operated by Private airlines and PIA. Temperature is usually warm except in the months of January & February it is a bit chili.

Tours in Lahore

Half Day Lahore Architecture & City Orientation

Usually one should take this tour in the morning. You will visit Badshahi Mosque, Lahore Fort (A Unsesco World Heritage Site) a treasure of Moghul architecture from the early 16th century to 18th century (takes about 1 Hours to visit), and Anarkali Bazaar a Bazaar with big activity and colorful streets.

Half day City & Museum

Visit the Lahore museum the largest museum in Pakistan Hoses the article from Moen Jo Daro Harrappa, Taxila, Peshawar, Swat and other areas. Also a well organized ethnological gallery and the British Raj history gallery are worth a visit. Later drive to Delhi gate visit the Delhi gate bazaar and Wazir Khan mosque one of the most beautiful mosques in the country. Decorated with frescos, Glazed tiles minarets arches and domes. Later continue to Shalimar garden, romantic garden of the Moghuls. See the beautifully laid fountains and fantastic architecture of this garden of Love.

Half day Jehangir & Noorjehan tomb With Shalimar garden

Drive only 10 Kilometers outside Lahore to see one of the most important Moghul architectures in Lahore. it is an enormous building with beautiful garden Minarets, Arches and beautiful frescos. Later take a short drive to Noorjehan wife of Jehangir tomb also a wonderful marvel of Moghul architecture. Later drive to Shalimar garden the romantic garden of the Moguls.

Lahore by Night Evening Tour

Drive in the evening to Shalimar garden to see the sun set at the beautiful garden of romance, later drive to Anarkali bazaar with its traditional evening lights and colorful shops late drive to Minar-e-Pakistan to see it illuminated. This was the place where Pakistan resolution was passed by Muslim league in 1940. At the end of tour drives to Luxumi chowk to have a typical Lahori Dinner.

Full Day Tours from Lahore

Full day Hiran Minar & Shekupura: Drive to Hiran Minar (Watch tower of Deer) A hunting resort of the emperor Jehangir built in 17th century. A beautiful 3 story building with a pond and Pavilions see the country side enroute and continue to Shekhupura famous for its old fort & wood carving visit the bazaar decorated with wooden balconies and witness artisans at work. Return to Lahore in the evening. A stop at Data Darbar is also possible on Thursdays to see the mystic dance in front of the Sufi saint Data Gunj Bux Shrine.

Full day Harrappa

One of the 2 main cities of Indus civilization. Over 5000 years old civilization which had a well developed government system, Grid system in the streets well laid covered drainage system and a advanced binary system of Weighing were the main features of this civilization. Harrappa is located at a distance of 200 Kms. from Lahore one needs to leave early in the morning from Lahore and return in the evening. On the way there are several bazaars and villages. Please contact us to book


Airport to Hotel

The Lahore airport is only 15 minutes away from the main down town. During this short drive from airport to hotel you can enjoy some of the beautiful modern buildings and squares of Lahore.

Lahore - Rawalpindi/Islamabad

There are two major roads to Rawalpindi/Islamabad

1. Via old Grand trunk road 275 Kms. It is recommended for those who wish to take an easy drive with sightseeing. There are many small & big towns on the way with a lot of cultural activity. You can also visit Rohtas fort on the way.

2. Via Motor way 330 Kms. for the very fast connection. Country's first Motorway usually it takes 3 - 4 hrs.

Short Lahore City Tour packages

3 Days Lahore

Day 01 Arrival Lahore meet on arrival and transfer to hotel. Evening tour of Lahore visit the food street with dinner later drive thru Lahore's old streets overnight at hotel.

Day 02 Ful Day tour of Lahore Overnight at hotel.

Day 03 Morning visit to Wagah border afternoon transfer to airport for Flight to home.



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